Our mission in work and life:
To pay attention and move with gratitude.

As makers of fine furniture, we strive to create the highest quality, meaningful pieces, to be cherished for generations.

Our Work

Our work requires a great deal of attention. Every piece of furniture has the power to tell a story  – or many stories, actually – about the maker, the technique, the material, the person who bought it, or the family member that passed it down. Even more than that, the story of a piece of furniture doesn’t start in the store, or even the wood shop. It starts in the forest. Many stories merge in a piece of furniture, and we work hard to stay aware, attentive, and grateful to be part of each one.

For us, gratitude is louder than words. It’s not something we say; it’s something we do. We source material thoughtfully, and we use finishes that won’t make us or you sick. We go the extra mile and take the extra time to make sure our furniture lasts. You won’t find any particle board, MDF, cheap plywoods, or harmful chemicals in our products.

Our design aesthetic is intentionally urban — modern meets classic. We seek to capture the energy and vibrance that urban places have to offer by creating high-functioning pieces with clean modern lines. Our process is intentionally urban too, and we hope our work to be part of a larger movement to revitalize the spirit of the working-maker, small-shop-owner in U.S. urban centers.

Our Story

In one field or another Jordan Dowell, founder of This is Urban Made, has been building and designing his entire life. Though Jordan is a third-generation wood worker, he didn’t fully embrace the trade until he found himself building furniture for his bride-to-be on a loading dock, late at night in downtown Chicago. He quickly realized a deep passion and talent for the craft. He believes that making furniture affords him the opportunity to think deeply and creatively while exercising a wide range of skills and constantly learning new ones. Jordan and Melissa live in Seattle, WA where, together, they run This Is Urban Made in the Fremont neighborhood, known to the locals as the center of the universe.