[title text=”Earth and Human Friendly” tag=”h2″ color=”#939393″ text_align=”center”]

The furniture we make is good for the air in your home because we source the highest quality eco-friendly materials. You won’t find any harmful formaldehyde or toxic finishes used in our products. And, because we still make things the way they used to, our furniture will last more than a lifetime.

The Greenwood storage bed is functional, friendly and attractive. With six floating drawers standard, this bed has more usable storage than an oversized dresser, which is perfect for urban environments where space is a premium. Whether you opt for the storage headboard and storage bench, or for the sleek configurations, this bed is a showpiece of exquisite quality.

Configuration |4| Bench Footboard & Storage Headboard

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Configuration |3| Sleek Footboard & Storage Headboard

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Configuration |1| Sleek Footboard & Slanted Headboard

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