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Shop Updates

4/28/23 Shop Move

After a few grueling move-weeks, and months of late-night-labor building this space: My shop is moved!

I am so grateful to you, all my clients, for your support and patience during my shop move this Spring. It has affected my order cue in ways I had not imagined, and for that I share a huge frustration. In 8 years of business, I have not have to move my shop, meaning this was a monstrous new task.

(My previous commercial space will be redeveloped in the coming months, making the move immediately necessary )

Last fall I began building out a studio on my property from the ground up. It is such a gift to think about working from home, but again, a task that far surpassed my expectations in time, effort, and costs.

But, I am finally moved! and I am already working hard to get orders filled. I have revised my estimate lead times below accordingly.

With gratitude,